Financial and administrative services

We provide our clients with integrated financial management service in a professional manner

Accounting And File Management

Our global expertise is at your fingertips “Based on our long experience working with different companies, we know very well what are the problems facing startups and medium companies and what are the best financial solutions that help them succeed.”

Internal Financial Control

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Budget And Planning Services

With the aim of providing customers with the appropriate data and plans to make the best investment decision in the best and most secure way

How we will take care of your company

Get the best financial and management solutions to manage your accounting files with experts

Financial Management

In order to provide clients with accurate financial information about their activities and at the appropriate time, which helps in making a correct and effective decision about their business and their investment, and because the decision-making industry and the evaluation of business and the time required, the information needs accurate

Financial management services

  • 1. Preparing the accounting and financial system (policies and procedures)
  • 2. Preparing the system of internal control / internal audit
  • 3. Selecting accounting programs and ERP systems and supervising their implementation
  • 4. Maintaining accounting records as needed.
  • 5. Preparing estimated budgets and analyzing deviations from the goals
  • 6. Helping to select, recruit and train accountants.
  • 7. Preparing periodic accounting and financial reports.

Forms of financial management

  • 1. Financial management with accounting records kept remotely.
  • 2. Remote financial management and maintenance of accounting records The interior.
  • 3. Establish a financial department and periodically supervise it.
  • 4. Evaluating the current financial management and developing its mechanism of action.

Economic Feasibility Studies

Our specialized team provides economic feasibility study service within the best modern standards

Economic Feasibility Studies

In order to give a correct and realistic idea about the preferability of undertaking the proposed project or not, the project needs to study a feasibility Economical on the basis of correct, accurate and appropriate.

Market Study

Characterization of service, product and geographical scope of product launch, inspection of demand size, current supply size, target market share, as well as marketing policy in addition to pricing and sales policies.

The Technical Study

Define the steps and mechanism for preparing the product, equipment and supplies necessary for production or service provision, raw materials and raw materials, production and operating supplies. Work site and required buildings, team, office supplies, marketing expenses and general and administrative expenses.

Financial Study

Project costs, production costs, sales, statement of profits and losses, cash flows, capital size Required, capital structure, money analysis, return on investment and capital recovery period. Establishing the company's protocol and managing the relationship with shareholders

Financial verification and consulting

We provide financial advisory service through our global expertise

Financial Consultant

With the aim of providing customers with the appropriate data and plans for making the best investment decision, and in the best and most secure way.

Financial Advisor Services

  • 1. Evaluating the financial performance of existing companies and investments.
  • 2. Evaluating the feasibility of investments in targeted projects.
  • 3. Representing partners and shareholders.
  • 4. Maintaining accounting records as needed.
  • 5. Evaluating the economic feasibility studies of projects and expansions.
  • 6. Financial risk assessment and management.

Financial Verification

In order to audit the data presented to the investor and the entrepreneurs, and to verify their authenticity and impartiality in order to take an appropriate decision We put our expertise and technology in the hands of our customers.

Financial Verification Services

  • 1. Verify the correctness of the financial statements presented.
  • 2. Verify the internal control system.
  • 3. Evaluate the project's future work plan.
  • 4. Evaluating the financial risks to the project.
  • 5. Evaluating the project's organizational structure.
  • 6. Evaluating the project's financial management team.
  • 7. Evaluating the financial aspects of the project.