About us

Our company was established recently to keep pace with the rapid evolution of technology and information systems, by a dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced for production of high-efficiency, performance and creativity differentiated solutions, in order to look for new opportunities to get out of the cycle of regular solutions, so we use our creative abilities to find out innovative and practical solutions to resolve problems. Our experiences, thoughts and perseverance enable us to overcome the challenges, and with higher performance, we are committed by all what we do, and we strive for continuous improvement, in addition to that we are excited to achieve results beyond the specific expectations of us and by others in order to achieve the desired results and urgently with providing superior service technical support for our customers.

Our Vision

To become one of the leading Information technology companies, in the Middle East and worldwide, we provide our customers with unique and creative solutions in the e-marketing services, e-commerce and website design and development with the latest technological features and innovations applied.

Our Mission

Our Mission

  • To provide a safe and world-class solutions to our valued customers to be responsive to their desires through a combination of finding solutions to problems and to provide effective and typical services by a dedicated team.
  • Offering financial and business solutions in line with requirements of the age.
  • To deliver our great experiences to improve people's lives, while we share our advances in the field of information technology with our customers and partners.

Our Values

Always careful to abide by a set of core values, such as:

  • Make the utmost effort to satisfy customers.
  • Practicing hard work to produce the best and most appropriate.
  • Excellence in customer service.
  • Rely on our quality, credibility, impartiality, integrity, and integration with local and global culture.
  • Teamwork.

Our Objectives

From the very beginning Ar-Rasiyat For Smart Solutions was seeking to make its goals clear and consistent, which can be summarized in the following points:

  • Raising the general level of technical solutions at the local and international markets.
  • Utilizing all available resources to achieve the best integrated technical solutions.

The speedy development in the field of information technology needs hard work and devotion, and we - as a specialized company in this field - are always seeking for enhancing ourselves and making benefit from our experience in the local and Arabic market of the successful projects to find the right way that suits the nature of this progress in the information technology field.

We always do our best to provide a wide range of creativity and reach high level of technical solutions.

Our Achievements

Being established in 2016 with many years of successful experience, Ar-Rasiyat For Smart Solutions gained recognition, close business relations and trust of many customers from both governmental and private sector companies and organizations. Below there are only some of our successful projects and certificates.

Our History

As part of Ar-Rasiyat Group, Ar-Rasiyat For Smart Solutions was established in 2016 in Yemen to deliver high-quality technical solutions to corporate and private clients at the local and international markets. From the very beginning of company’s activities, Ar-Rasiyat For Smart Solutions occupied an important position in the market and made a very wide base of constant clients and partners. At the beginning services of Ar-Rasiyat For Smart Solutions included Information systems, website design and development, advertising services, and multimedia solutions.

Our Team

Ar-Rasiyat For Smart Solutions consists of many specialists with many different backgrounds - yet we are one strong company, one strong team with a common understanding of corporate goal and objectives. Our purpose for employees is to be in a company in which they are supported, developed and encouraged to fulfill their potential, to contribute to the company’s growth and success, and collectively feel pride in our common achievements.

Our internal values help inform our behavior towards one another, guide how we operate and support and reinforce our external brand attributes.

Target sectors

We belief in the importance of human resources so we make the great space for that in our business, in addition to money and business sectors for companies and short, medium establishments and large ones, in the governmental, private and mixed sectors, locally and regionally, and in the Arab world and internationally.

Benefits of Assigning work

Benefits of Assigning work to Ar-Rasiyat For Smart Solutions:

  • Quality systems , web design and development by skilled professionals
  • Large team of highly experienced, world-class designers and web developers.
  • Work done under guidance of experts.
  • Competitive price.
  • Accurate completion of all projects.
  • Easy to manage (weekly or phase reports over email)..
  • 24/7 Support any time status check (chat messengers, email, or over phone).
  • Numerous clients satisfied with our website design and development successfully completed projects.
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